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My File Server: 2 Walkthrough

My File Server:2 Walkthrough Vulnhub CTF Download: My File Server: 2 Walkthrough Vulnhub CTF I will share with you a…

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My File Server: 1 Walkthrough

My File Server: 1 Walkthrough Vulnhub CTF My File Server: 1 Walkthrough Vulnhub CTF I will share with you a…

Performing Rule Based Attack Using Hashcat

Performing Rule Based Attack Using Hashcat This post will focus on Performing Rule Based Attack Using Hashcat. It’s a way…

Password Cracking with Hashcat

Password Cracking with Hashcat Hello Friends, Today I’m going to explain the Hashcat password Cracking Tool, As I learn from…

mobile forensic
Mobile Forensic and Its Procedure

Introduction of Mobile Forensic Today’s smartphones are used less for calling and more for socializing. This has resulted in smartphones…

How to Hack WordPress ?

Attacking & Exploitation Before starting with this blog firstly visit wordpress enumeration blog . Researchers discovered an ongoing malvertising (online…

Linux Privilege Escalation by Exploiting Cronjobs

In this blog I will share procedure to enumerate and exploit Cronjob. Before going for exploitation of cronjob we are…

WordPress Enumeration

WordPress User Enumeration These 10 enumeration techniques are a very fast way to identify users of a WordPress installation. With…

Hacking with Netcat : A Comprehensive Guide

Netcat is a featured networking utility tool which reads and writes data across network connections, using the TCP/IP protocol. It…

Nmap Cheat Sheet

Network Mapper (Nmap) also known as the God of Port Scanners used for network discovery and the basis for most…

Whatsapp Hacking and Security
Whatsapp Hacking and Security

Whatsapp  Hacking and Security –  Cyber Crime Capsule Course at Police Radio Training School

What is IP Address ?

IP Address: It’s in general a name assign to a computer, address of a computer. It serves two principles: Host…

How to Protect Grub Boot Loader by Password in Kali Linux.

How to Protect Grub Boot Loader by Password in Kali Linux. GRand Unified Bootloader (GRUB) is a default bootloader in…

How to reset root password of RHEL 7, CentOS and Fedora?

Before you lose or forgot your password and left with frustration and exasperation, you should know how to change or…

Best Firefox Addons for Hacking

Firefox add-ons are useful for penetration testers and security analysts. These penetration testing add-ons helps in performing different kinds of…

Google Hacking
Google Advance Operators

Google offers special terms known as advanced operators to help you perform more advanced queries. These Operators, used properly, can…

User Shell Folders

The windows operating system stores user profile information in a User Shell Folders. Windows stores the location of per-user special…

Shell folders
Shell folder in windows

Special or shell folder in windows Shell folders in Windows are specific folders that are used as the default location…

Run Commands for Windows

Run Commands for Windows Press Window + R, then type RUN command, then press enter. Run commands are just like…

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