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Online Information Gathering Tools

Online Information GatheringA collection of uncomplicated, powerful network tools.
This tool performs a reverse IP domain check which takes the domain name or IP address of a web server and searches for other sites known to be hosted on that same web server. Data is gathered from search engine results, which is not guaranteed to be complete. Knowing the other web sites hosted on a web server is important from both an SEO and web filtering perspective, particularly for those on shared web hosting plans.

The port forwarding tester is a utility used to identify your external IP address and detect open ports on your connection. This tool is useful for finding out if your port forwarding is setup correctly or if your server applications are being blocked by a firewall

The reverse e-mail lookup allows you to quickly find where an e-mail originated from.

This tool performs a WHOIS lookup on a remote address. A WHOIS lookup can help determine the owner of a domain name or an IP address on the Internet.

The complete free set of network troubleshooting domain testing tools that just work.

DNS Tools:- DNS Lookup, DNS Traversal, DNS Tracer (DNS Traceroute), DNS Blacklist Check (arbl), DNS Recon, Reverse DNS Lookup / Scan, DNS Server Fingerprint.

Network / Internet Tools:- Port Scan (nmap), Trace Route, Tracepath, NetBIOS Scan/Check, Wake On Lan, CIDR/Netmask Calculator, NTP Server Test, MX Records Retriever

Web / HTTP Tools:- SSL Certificate Info, HTTP Header Retrieval, Plain Text WEB/URL Browser, HTTPRecon (HTTP Fingerprinting), Meta Tags Retriever, URL Encode / Decode, RAW URL Encode / Decode, Base64 Encode / Decode

Database Lookups:- RFC Lookup, MAC Address Lookup, Default Password Lookup, Abuse Contact Lookup, IP/Host Locater, WhoIS Lookup

Ping Tools:- Ping, PathPing, TCPing, Ping-Row

intoDNS checks the health and configuration of DNS and mail servers.

Web technology information profiler tool. Find out what a website is built with.

Domain information, whois & dns report

Research domain ownership with Whois Lookup: Get ownership info, IP address history, rank, traffic, SEO & more. Find available domains & domains for sale.

Find information on any domain name or website. Large database of whois information, DNS, domain names, name servers, IPs, and tools for searching and monitoring domain names

Secure Domain Name Searches, Registration & Availability. Use Our Free Whois Lookup Database to Search for & Reserve

online tools for the daily administration of networks.

Free online network tools, including traceroute, nslookup, dig, whois, ping, and our own Domain Dossier and Email Dossier. Works with IPv6. Some source code included.

DNS tools, Network tools, Email tools, DNS reporting and IP information gathering. Explore monitoring products and free DNS tools at DNSstuff.

Research domain ownership with Whois Lookup: Get ownership info, IP address history, rank, traffic, SEO & more. Find available domains & domains for sale.

View IP information

Internet Archive is a non-profit digital library offering free universal access to books, movies & music, as well as 436 billion archived web pages.

The most comprehensive people search on the web. Pipl finds high-quality results in pages that cannot be found on regular search engines. Free People Search.

Find people free with Zabasearch directory engine that includes free people search, reverse phone number lookup, address lookup, and more.

TinEye is a reverse image search engine. Search by image: Give it an image and it will tell you where the image appears on the web.

Find search engines from the UK, USA, and many other countries.

Zuula is an innovative Internet search service that gives its users quick access to web, image, news blog and job search results from all the major search engines.With Zuula, users have the ability to get search results from their favorite search engine, such as Google or Yahoo!, but they also have one-click access to search results from a number of other search engines.

Reverse IP Lookup & Domain Check DNS Tool by myIPneighbors to find all domains hosted on an IP address by domain or IP address.

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