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New Features in Windows 10


Hello, goodbye passwords windows 10 include a new technology called windows hello that can identify you biometrically – for example, using a fingerprint reader or iris scanner if your computer has one. It’s faster and easier then entering a password. A technology called passport will let you use your windows identity to identify yourself to third – party websites and applications.

Windows Defender comes on board

Windows Defender has always had a slightly awkward relationship with Windows, not being exactly a standalone application but nor being fully integrated into the OS. In Windows 10. its basic controls have been brought into the main Settings app, making it feel like a more coherent part of the system.

Updated Command Prompt

cmd in windows 10

The command prompt harks back to the MS-DOS days, but in Windows 10 it gets a modest update: at last you can freely resize command prompt windows, and select, copy and paste text just as you can in regular Windows applications. You can also adjust the opacity of the window, if you don’t like staring at a big black box.

Secure Boot is here to stay

As with Windows 8, all computers and tablets sold with Windows 10 will be required to use Secure Boot, making it harder for malware to tamper with the system. In a notable change, however, it’s no longer required that manufacturers allow the user to configure Secure Boot themselves. That might prove controversial, as it means we might see Windows 10 devices on which it’s completely impossible to install a different operating system.

Uninstall from the Start menu

Windows’ Programs and Features interface is straightforward enough, but it’s buried away in the control panel, where it can be a drag to open it up and find the application you want to uninstall. Windows 10 provides an Uninstall link directly on the Start menu, for both desktop and Modern apps-a small but welcome step towards easier housekeeping.

Edge browser

New editions of Windows have traditionally brought a new release of Internet Explorer, but Windows 10 replaces it with a new, fast and lightweight default browser-originally codenamed “Project Spartan” but now officially called Microsoft Edge. Its feature set is limited, but since it’s a Universal app it has a very light footprint and works with both laptops and tablets.


Cortana debuted last year on Windows Phone as a voice-controlled “digital personal assistant” -effectively. Microsoft’s answer to Siri. In Windows 10, it retains its natural-language processing abilities, so you can enter commands such as “what’s the weather going to be like tomorrow?” or “set an alarm for 7pm” – although we’ve found results very hit and miss so far.

Talk to me

Cortana also retains voice-recognition capabilities: click the microphone icon and you can start asking questions using your device’s microphone: Cortana learnsyourvoice over time, although we found accuracy was pretty good straight out of the box. An optional feature called “Hey Cortana” sets the OS into an always-listening mode, so you don’t even need to click.

Multiple desktops

In the bottom right of the Task View, an unobtrusive icon invites you to add a new desktop. Yes, Windows 10 lets you set up multiple desktops, each with its own applications and windows – handy for those who like to set up specific workspaces for different projects. You can switch desktops in the Task View, or by holding down Windows+Ctrl and pressing the left or right cursor key.

How many editions?

Windows XP came in Home and Professional editions; Vista upped the stakes to six major versions. For Windows 10, we’re back to two mainstream desktop editions: Windows 10 Home, which includes all the standard features, and Windows 10 Pro, with extra management and security features. There will also be Enterprise and Education editions designed to serve specific markets, as well as the Mobile and IoT Core editions for different hardware types.

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