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Batch file Programming

What is a batch file?

A batch file is a collection of instructions that are used to run multiple commands at a time. It is basically a bundle of packages that are written In a sequence so that user does not have to put commands and instructions again and again. These files contain .bat extension. This means that you have to save the batch files by using .bat extension at the end of file name. These are basically DOS commands and also can run on command prompt.

How to write a batch file?

To write a batch file, first open a text editor (i.e, Notepad or Notepad++).

In Notepad, type the commands which you want to execute.

Example –
@echo off
echo Hi Armour Infosec!!



Save them with .bat extension.

The output will be shown in command prompt as –
Hi Armour Infosec!!





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