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Basics of SEO


SEO Design and Development

SEO is a way of promoting a website in a healthy way, so that it can originates itself on the top of PR (Page Rank) of any search engine. Search engine is a limited organizer which does limited jobs like crawling and indexing. The main principle of the search engine is that how things are interpreted and their content are organized.

A webpage doesn’t always look the same to us as it looks to a search engine. In this section we’ll focus on technical aspects of building web pages so they are structured for both search engines and human visitors alike. These are the following aspects which are necessary to point out –

Indexable content – To make your content indexable, you should remember these.

Providing alt text for images – Assign images in gif, jpg, or png format “alt attributes” in HTML to give search engines a text description of the visual content.Give search boxes with navigation and crawable links. Give flash or java plug-ins with text on the page. Provide a transcript for video and audio content if the words and phrases used are meant to be indexed by the engines. Many websites have some problems with indexable content, so double checking is necessary in the case of SEO. By using tools like Google cache, SEO browser etc. we can see what elements of our content are visible and indexable to the engines. Using the google cache, we can give images alt text so that if the image isn’t load, the link where it exists will appear so that we can see which text is applied on which image.

Anatomy of a link

<a href=>Ethical hacking institute</a>

<a href – Start of link tag href= – Link referral location >Ethical hacking institute – Visible/anchor text of link </a> – Closure of link tag

Link tags contain images, text, or other can objects, these all parts provide a clickable area on the page that users can easily move to another page. These links can be used to navigate from one element to other known as hyperlinks. In this example, the URL is referenced. Next, the visible portion of the link for visitors, called anchor text in the SEO world, describes the page the link points to. The linked-to page is about Ethical hacking courses detail regarded to the institute “Armour Infosec”, thus the anchor text “Ethical hacking institute.” The “</a>” tag closes the link to constrain the linked text between the tags and prevent the link from encompassing other elements on the page.

This is the most basic format of a link, and it is understandable to the search engines. The crawlers know that they should add this link to the engines’ link graph of the web, use it to calculate query-independent variables (like Google’s Page Rank), and follow it to index the contents of the referenced page.

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