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Shell folder in windows

Shell foldersSpecial or shell folder in windows

Shell folders in Windows are specific folders that are used as the default location for specific file types.

Registry Configuration:- HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders

Press Window + R, then type Shell: folder shortcut,  then press enter.

Example:- To open the windows installation folder.

Press Window + R, then type shell:Windows then press enter

Shell: folder shortcut Description folder Type
shell:addnewprogramsfolder To open the control panel “install a program from the network” applet Internet Explorer
shell:administrative tools To open the user‘s start menu\administrative tools folder (if any) Internet Explorer
shell:appdata To open the user‘s application data folder User folder
shell:appupdatesfolder To display installed windows updates System folder
shell:cache To open the temporary internet files folder Internet Explorer
shell:cd burning To open the folder where files are stored before being burned to disc User folder
shell:changeremoveprogramsfolder To open the control panel “uninstall or change a program” applet Internet Explorer
shell:common administrative tools To open all users start menu\administrative tools folder Internet Explorer
shell:common appdata To open the public application data folder System folder
shell:common desktop To open the public desktop System folder
shell:common documents To open the public documents folder System folder
shell:common programs To open the public start menu programs folder System folder
shell:common start menu To open the public start menu folder System folder
shell:common startup To open the public startup folder System folder
shell:common templates To open the public templates folder System folder
shell:commondownloads To open the public downloads folder System folder
shell:commonmusic To open the public music folder Multimedia
shell:commonpictures To open the public pictures folder Multimedia
shell:commonringtones To open the public ringtones folder. System folder
shell:commonvideo To open the public video folder Multimedia
shell:conflictfolder To display sync centre conflicts Windows Sync Centre
shell:connectionsfolder To open the list of network connections Internet Explorer
shell:contacts To open the user‘s windows contacts folder User folder
shell:controlpanelfolder To display the control panel Internet Explorer
shell:cookies To open the internet explorer cookies folder Internet Explorer
shell:credentialmanager To open the user‘s credentials folder User folder
shell:cryptokeys To open the user‘s encryption keys folder User folder
shell:cscfolder To open the client side cache offline files folder, if supported User folder
shell:default gadgets To open the default sidebar gadgets folder Internet Explorer
shell:desktop To open the user‘s desktop folder User folder
shell:documentslibrary To open the documents library Library
shell:downloads To open the user‘s downloads folder User folder
shell:dpapikeys To opens the user‘s appdata\roaming\microsoft\protect folder User folder
shell:favorites To open the internet explorer favorites folder Internet Explorer
shell:fonts To open the fonts folder System folder
shell:gadgets To open the user folder of downloaded sidebar gadgets Internet Explorer
shell:games To open the games folder System folder
shell:gametasks To open the user‘s game explorer folder User folder
shell:history To open the user‘s history folder User folder
shell:homegroupcurrentuserfolder To open the homegroup folder for the currently logged-on user (if any) System folder
shell:homegroupfolder To open the homegroup folder System folder
shell:immersive application shortcuts To display metro app shortcuts (windows 8) Internet Explorer
shell:implicitappshortcuts To open the hidden implicitappshortcuts folder Internet Explorer
shell:internetfolder To launches internet explorer applets and applications Internet Explorer
shell:libraries To open the libraries folder Library
shell:links To open the user‘s links folder User folder
shell:local appdata To open the user‘s application data folder User folder
shell:musiclibrary To display your music library Library
shell:my music To open the user‘s music folder Multimedia
shell:my pictures To open the user‘s pictures folder Multimedia
shell:my video To open the user‘s videos folder Multimedia
shell:mycomputerfolder To open the computer folder System folder
shell:nethood To open the user‘s network places folder User folder
shell:networkplacesfolder To open the network places folder System folder
shell:oem links To display links provided by your pc manufacturer (if any) System folder
shell:original images To open the windows photo gallery original images folder, if installed Multimedia
shell:personal To open the user‘s documents folder User folder
shell:photoalbums To open the user‘s pictures\slide shows folder (if present) Multimedia
shell:pictureslibrary To display your pictures library Library
shell:playlists To open the user‘s \music\playlists folder User folder
shell:printersfolder To open the printers folder System folder
shell:printhood To open the user‘s printer shortcuts folder User folder
shell:profile To open the user‘s profile folder User folder
shell:programfiles To open the program files folder Internet Explorer
shell:programfilescommon To open the program files\common files folder Internet Explorer
shell:programfilescommonx86 To open the common files for 32-bit programs stored on 64-bit windows, Internet Explorer
shell:programfilesx86 To display 32-bit programs stored on 64-bit windows, Internet Explorer
shell:programs To open the user‘s start menu programs folder User folder
shell:public To open the users\public folder (shared files) System folder
shell:publicgametasks To open the public game explorer folder System folder
shell:publiclibraries To display public libraries, if any Library
shell:publicusertiles To open the public user tiles folder User folder
shell:quick launch To open the quick launch folder (disabled by default) User folder
shell:recent To open the user‘s recent documents folder User folder
shell:recyclebinfolder To open the recycle bin System folder
shell:resourcedir To open the windows resources folder (themes are stored here) System folder
shell:ringtones To display the user’s ringtones folder User folder
shell:roaming tiles To display further user tiles User folder
shell:samplemusic To open the sample music folder Multimedia
shell:samplepictures To open the sample pictures folder Multimedia
shell:samplevideos To open the sample videos folder Multimedia
shell:savedgames To open the saved games folder User folder
shell:searches To open the saved searches folder User folder
shell:searchhomefolder To open the windows search tool Internet Explorer
shell:sendto To open the user‘s send to folder User folder
shell:start menu To open the user‘s start menu folder User folder
shell:startup To open the user‘s startup folder User folder
shell:synccenterfolder To display sync centre Windows Sync Centre
shell:syncresultsfolder To display sync centre results Windows Sync Centre
shell:syncsetupfolder To open the sync centre setup options Windows Sync Centre
shell:system To open the windows system folder System folder
shell:systemcertificates To open the user‘s certificates folder User folder
shell:systemx86 To open the windows system folder for 32-bit files on 64-bit windows, System folder
shell:templates To open the user‘s templates folder User folder
shell:user pinned To access shortcuts pinned to the start menu or taskbar User folder
shell:userprofiles To open the folder holding all user profiles System folder
shell:usertiles To display your user tiles (the images you can use for your account) User folder
shell:videoslibrary To display your videos library Library
shell:windows To open the windows installation folder (usually \windows) System folder

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