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Shell folder in windows

Shell foldersSpecial or shell folder in windows

Shell folders in Windows are specific folders that are used as the default location for specific file types.

Registry Configuration:- HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders

Press Window + R, then type Shell: folder shortcut,  then press enter.

Example:- To open the windows installation folder.

Press Window + R, then type shell:Windows then press enter

Shell: folder shortcutDescription folder Type
shell:addnewprogramsfolderTo open the control panel “install a program from the network” appletInternet Explorer
shell:administrative toolsTo open the user‘s start menu\administrative tools folder (if any)Internet Explorer
shell:appdataTo open the user‘s application data folderUser folder
shell:appupdatesfolderTo display installed windows updatesSystem folder
shell:cacheTo open the temporary internet files folderInternet Explorer
shell:cd burningTo open the folder where files are stored before being burned to discUser folder
shell:changeremoveprogramsfolderTo open the control panel “uninstall or change a program” appletInternet Explorer
shell:common administrative toolsTo open all users start menu\administrative tools folderInternet Explorer
shell:common appdataTo open the public application data folderSystem folder
shell:common desktopTo open the public desktopSystem folder
shell:common documentsTo open the public documents folderSystem folder
shell:common programsTo open the public start menu programs folderSystem folder
shell:common start menuTo open the public start menu folderSystem folder
shell:common startupTo open the public startup folderSystem folder
shell:common templatesTo open the public templates folderSystem folder
shell:commondownloadsTo open the public downloads folderSystem folder
shell:commonmusicTo open the public music folderMultimedia
shell:commonpicturesTo open the public pictures folderMultimedia
shell:commonringtonesTo open the public ringtones folder.System folder
shell:commonvideoTo open the public video folderMultimedia
shell:conflictfolderTo display sync centre conflictsWindows Sync Centre
shell:connectionsfolderTo open the list of network connectionsInternet Explorer
shell:contactsTo open the user‘s windows contacts folderUser folder
shell:controlpanelfolderTo display the control panelInternet Explorer
shell:cookiesTo open the internet explorer cookies folderInternet Explorer
shell:credentialmanagerTo open the user‘s credentials folderUser folder
shell:cryptokeysTo open the user‘s encryption keys folderUser folder
shell:cscfolderTo open the client side cache offline files folder, if supportedUser folder
shell:default gadgetsTo open the default sidebar gadgets folderInternet Explorer
shell:desktopTo open the user‘s desktop folderUser folder
shell:documentslibraryTo open the documents libraryLibrary
shell:downloadsTo open the user‘s downloads folderUser folder
shell:dpapikeysTo opens the user‘s appdata\roaming\microsoft\protect folderUser folder
shell:favoritesTo open the internet explorer favorites folderInternet Explorer
shell:fontsTo open the fonts folderSystem folder
shell:gadgetsTo open the user folder of downloaded sidebar gadgetsInternet Explorer
shell:gamesTo open the games folderSystem folder
shell:gametasksTo open the user‘s game explorer folderUser folder
shell:historyTo open the user‘s history folderUser folder
shell:homegroupcurrentuserfolderTo open the homegroup folder for the currently logged-on user (if any)System folder
shell:homegroupfolderTo open the homegroup folderSystem folder
shell:immersive application shortcutsTo display metro app shortcuts (windows 8)Internet Explorer
shell:implicitappshortcutsTo open the hidden implicitappshortcuts folderInternet Explorer
shell:internetfolderTo launches internet explorer applets and applicationsInternet Explorer
shell:librariesTo open the libraries folderLibrary
shell:linksTo open the user‘s links folderUser folder
shell:local appdataTo open the user‘s application data folderUser folder
shell:musiclibraryTo display your music libraryLibrary
shell:my musicTo open the user‘s music folderMultimedia
shell:my picturesTo open the user‘s pictures folderMultimedia
shell:my videoTo open the user‘s videos folderMultimedia
shell:mycomputerfolderTo open the computer folderSystem folder
shell:nethoodTo open the user‘s network places folderUser folder
shell:networkplacesfolderTo open the network places folderSystem folder
shell:oem linksTo display links provided by your pc manufacturer (if any)System folder
shell:original imagesTo open the windows photo gallery original images folder, if installedMultimedia
shell:personalTo open the user‘s documents folderUser folder
shell:photoalbumsTo open the user‘s pictures\slide shows folder (if present)Multimedia
shell:pictureslibraryTo display your pictures libraryLibrary
shell:playlistsTo open the user‘s \music\playlists folderUser folder
shell:printersfolderTo open the printers folderSystem folder
shell:printhoodTo open the user‘s printer shortcuts folderUser folder
shell:profileTo open the user‘s profile folderUser folder
shell:programfilesTo open the program files folderInternet Explorer
shell:programfilescommonTo open the program files\common files folderInternet Explorer
shell:programfilescommonx86To open the common files for 32-bit programs stored on 64-bit windows,Internet Explorer
shell:programfilesx86To display 32-bit programs stored on 64-bit windows,Internet Explorer
shell:programsTo open the user‘s start menu programs folderUser folder
shell:publicTo open the users\public folder (shared files)System folder
shell:publicgametasksTo open the public game explorer folderSystem folder
shell:publiclibrariesTo display public libraries, if anyLibrary
shell:publicusertilesTo open the public user tiles folderUser folder
shell:quick launchTo open the quick launch folder (disabled by default)User folder
shell:recentTo open the user‘s recent documents folderUser folder
shell:recyclebinfolderTo open the recycle binSystem folder
shell:resourcedirTo open the windows resources folder (themes are stored here)System folder
shell:ringtonesTo display the user’s ringtones folderUser folder
shell:roaming tilesTo display further user tilesUser folder
shell:samplemusicTo open the sample music folderMultimedia
shell:samplepicturesTo open the sample pictures folderMultimedia
shell:samplevideosTo open the sample videos folderMultimedia
shell:savedgamesTo open the saved games folderUser folder
shell:searchesTo open the saved searches folderUser folder
shell:searchhomefolderTo open the windows search toolInternet Explorer
shell:sendtoTo open the user‘s send to folderUser folder
shell:start menuTo open the user‘s start menu folderUser folder
shell:startupTo open the user‘s startup folderUser folder
shell:synccenterfolderTo display sync centreWindows Sync Centre
shell:syncresultsfolderTo display sync centre resultsWindows Sync Centre
shell:syncsetupfolderTo open the sync centre setup optionsWindows Sync Centre
shell:systemTo open the windows system folderSystem folder
shell:systemcertificatesTo open the user‘s certificates folderUser folder
shell:systemx86To open the windows system folder for 32-bit files on 64-bit windows,System folder
shell:templatesTo open the user‘s templates folderUser folder
shell:user pinnedTo access shortcuts pinned to the start menu or taskbarUser folder
shell:userprofilesTo open the folder holding all user profilesSystem folder
shell:usertilesTo display your user tiles (the images you can use for your account)User folder
shell:videoslibraryTo display your videos libraryLibrary
shell:windowsTo open the windows installation folder (usually \windows)System folder

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