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Google Hacking

Google HackingGoogle is a worldwide giant search engine by which users spattering technique to search a specific query. There are dozens of search engines which are: – AOL, A9,Baidu, DOG PILC, Bing and Yahoo search.

Google offers special terms known as operators to help you perform more advanced queries. These Operators help you to extract the exact information you’re looking for without spending too much time wasting over page after page of search results.(Time is precious) Operators are used to refine the results and to maximize the search content. This is your powerful tools as well as Hacker’s crazy weapons.

There are two types of Google operators:-

  • Basic Operators
  • Advance Operators

Basic Operators: -(+, -, ~, ., *, “”, OR)

“ + ” (It force inclusion of something common)

Using “+”It forces Google to search for a particular keyword. Its includes all web pages where both keywords occur. Do not put a space after the “+”.

Example: Smartphone +apple


google hacking

Google Hacking-1

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“ – “(exclude a search term)

The minus operator does reverse. It gives you search results without the keyword placed after the operator. Do not put a space after the “–“

Example: Smartphone -apple

google hacking

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~ (suggests ‘similar)

The tilde symbol generally suggests ‘similar to’.

Example: ~Smartphone apple

google hacking

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.(search within a range)

double dots help you to search within a range of two numbers.

Example: Smartphone apple $100…$500

google hacking

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*(missing keywords)

Asterisk operator (*) is handy when you are sure of more keywords are missing.

Example: “Smartphone apple * “

google hacking

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“ ”(contain keyword in same form)

Surround a word or a phrase with double forces Google to search for pages that contain it exactly in the same form.

Example: “Smartphone apple”

google hacking

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OR (compare with between keyword)

Using OR (in uppercase) with two or more keywords tells Google to search for pages that contain either of the words.

Example: apple OR samsung



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