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“Be Smart” Web Security Tool

Be SmartToday we are living in a world of technologies. We can do everything from our computers through internet. This online generation is also known as Smart Generation. So, in this generation of Internet we have to get secure from Cyber Attacks. For this, we are introducing our new application “Be Smart”.

“Be Smart” is a free of cost windows application which stops cyber attacks on your home and organization.

It has two parts. First one is Informative which covers all cyber attacks like Identity Theft, Online Scams, ATM Threats, Email Threats etc. and another one is Web Security Tool which blocks all advertisement, malicious websites and porn websites. It also provides measures to be safe from cyber attacks and also helps in secure browsing.

be-smart“Be Smart” helps us in knowing about the Cyber Crime and what cyber crimes can be done with us. It aware’s people by giving knowledge of Identity Theft, Online Scams, ATM Threats, Email Threats, and Computer Malwares etc. With the help of this application we can do secure browsing and keep our personal data safe. So, don’t be a victim of Cyber Crime. Prevention is better than cure.

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