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Armour Infosec

We are Armour Infosec. A knowledge based and technical security solutions as well as ethical hacking courses provider. We are delivering technology based services and training to students and professionals. We are specialized in IT Security, Ethical Hacking, Cyber Security, Network Security, Website Security, Wireless Security, Web Designing And Development, Search Engine Optimization, Android Application Development, Network Support And Annual Maintenance Contract, Hardware And Networking and all other IT based technical solutions. We give students the best of our knowledge which helps them in a form of strong guidance to built a bright future.
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  • Our Quality Training and Professional Services.
  • Necessary Theory and Maximum Practical.
  • We teach Manual Methods Instead of Automate tools.
  • Evening, Morning and Weekend batches available.
  • Network administration and Development in Core.
  • Amazing Ambience with skillful Trainees.
  • We Provide Study Material with Necessary Tools and Practical Sessions.
  • We held Workshops and Seminars on the Current topics of system Hacks.

Exploiting a systems vulnerabilities and security controls to gain Access to system resources and features, outside the creator’s original purpose.  Hacking is a Cyber Crime.

Ethical Hacking

Ethical Hacking is a way of finding vulnerabilities in a computer, server, router, website and firm’s Hardware Infrastructure. It is a Legal form of Hacking.

Vulnerability Assessment

A vulnerability assessment is the process of identifying, quantifying, and prioritizing or ranking the vulnerabilities in a system.

Penetration Testing

A method of evaluating the security of a computer system or network by simulating an attack from a malicious source that may involve active exploitation of security vulnerabilities.

Ethical Hacker / Information Security Expert

 An Ethical Hacker is a professional who is also known as Penetration Tester, Information Security Expert and Cyber Security Expert. In the world of Cyber space, every big firm needs a professional who is well expertise in all the Security countermeasures of Cyber space security.  They use their hacking skills for defensive purpose on behalf of the owner of firm or Company.

An Ethical Hacker, also known as a white hat hacker, or simply a white hat, is a security professional who applies their hacking skills for defensive purposes on behalf of the owners of information systems. An ethical hacker operates with the knowledge and permission of the organization for which they are trying to defend. In some cases, the organization will neglect to inform their information security team of the activities that will be carried out by an ethical hacker in an attempt to test the effectiveness of the information security team. This is referred to as a double-blind environment. In order to operate effectively and legally, an ethical hacker must be informed of the assets that should be protected, potential threat sources, and the extent to which the organization will support an ethical hacker’s efforts.

Skills to Becoming a EXPERT Ethical Hacker

An ethical hacker must be a computer systems expert and needs to have very strong computer networking and programming skills. An ethical hacker needs to have a lot of patience, persistence, and perseverance to try again and again and wait for the required result. It’s need to put a lot of effort to become an expert in this field. Once you are on the track,you would need to focus on the update of technologies and security systems. Additionally, an ethical hacker should be smart enough to understand the situation and other users’ mind-set in order to apply social engineering exploits. A good ethical hacker has great problem-solving skills too.

It probably goes without saying that to become a hacker you need some basic computer skills. These skills go beyond the ability to create a Word document or cruise the Internet. You need to be able to use the command line in Windows, edit the registry, and set up your networking parameters.

It’s  need to understand the basics of networking, such as the following. Network classifications, Network typologies, Network communications, Protocols, Network media and devices, TCP/IP fundamentals, IP addressing, The TCP and UDP protocols, Standards and organizations.

It is extremely critical to develop Linux skills to become a hacker. Nearly all the tools we use as a hacker are developed for Linux and Linux gives us capabilities that we don’t have using Windows.

It’s need to understand the Servers, such as the following. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (dhcp), Apache Web Server, DNS, ADDS, IIS, FTP, TELNET, VPN, SSH, Squid Proxy, Samba and more servers.

Without scripting skills, the hacker will be relegated to using other hackers’ tools. This limits your effectiveness. Every day a new tool is in existence loses effectiveness as security admins come up with defenses.

It’s understands security concepts and technologies. The only way to overcome the roadblocks established by the security admins is to be familiar with them. The hacker must understand such things as PKI (public key infrastructure), SSL (secure sockets layer), IDS (intrusion detection system), firewalls, etc.

Web applications are probably the most fertile ground for hackers in recent years. The more you understand about how web applications work and the databases behind them, the more successful you will be. In addition, you will likely need to build your own website for phishing and other nefarious purposes.

In order to be able to hack wireless, you must first understand how it works. Things like the encryption algorithms (WEP, WPA, WPA2), the four-way handshake, and WPS. In addition, understanding such as things as the protocol for connection and authentication and the legal constraints on wireless technologies.

Reverse engineering enables it’s to open a piece of malware and re-build it with additional features and capabilities. Just like in software engineering, no one builds a new application from scratch. Nearly every new exploit or malware uses components from other existing malware.


We are Introducing Following Courses in Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing

The following subjects will enlighten students about network & server management, scripting, website development, vulnerability assessment and Penetration Testing. The students will go through the above mentioned subjects, step by step till Penetration Testing. The mainstream of the course will fall into three categories starting from network management to development and last assessment. For the students satisfaction each and every term would be done practically with proper tools and guidance.

  • Windows Server
  • Linux Server
  • Batch Scripting
  • WordPress
  • PHP & MySql
  • Shell Scripting
  • Perl Scripting
  • Python
  • Ethical Hacking
  • Penetration Testing

2 hours per day x 240 days
Weekend, evening, weekdays – Classes Available


The specified training will be provided to students if they have previous knowledge of Windows and Linux servers, development, programing, scripting and networking. The module is constructed with all the principles of Ethical Hacking & Penetration Testing. The given course contains Networking Fundamentals, Kali Linux Fundamentals, Introduction to Penetration Testing & Ethical Hacking, Footprinting and Reconnaissance, Scanning Networks & Detecting Live System, Proxies, VPNs and Tor, Enumeration, System Hacking, Trojans and Backdoors, Viruses and Worms, Sniffers, Social Engineering, Denial of Service and more.

  • Batch Scripting
  • Shell Scripting
  • WordPress
  • PHP & MySql
  • Perl Scripting
  • Python
  • Ethical Hacking
  • Penetration Testing

2 hours per day x 150 days
Weekend, evening, weekdays – Classes Available

Ethical Hacking Online Course


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